Whakaara – to activate

Gastbeitrag von Rosanna Raymond / Performance für Rauru

My Polynesian body is the vessel for the ancestor, the space where the genealogical matter comes together binding the past with the present, my body brings the ancestor into the NOW …… so when I meet taonga (cultural treasures) I activate the space between the past and the present, they live through me and I through them, creating a living dynamic which is then taken out of the spatial confines of the box or case …this in turn initiating the mauri (the spark of life, sustains existence and form) …connecting past + present, creating a space where the ancient can engage with the modern and inhabit the same space.

For Rauru I was interested in connecting with him and all the stories that he is the vessel for, binding myself into his space, using my body, adornments, spoken words and movement to share stories with him, the museum and the audience. This is an important part of my art practise, so what some may call performance, I consider the art of activation, revitalising, reinvigorating, responding to this space found between myself, people and things to create relational art works, that unite us and enable the intangible to become tangible and through me, go beyond the scope of the space that he is situated in as we carry the experience within us.

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